Dallas Prestige Group (DPG) is a young Non-Profit serving the South Dallas/Fair Park(SDFP) area. DPG works with local schools, churches, organizations, and volunteers from all over to produce the resources most needed in our communities.


DPG was originally established to  prepare high school students for post-secondary success, with the intent to establish a strong foundation in the community. Other focuses of DPG include: offering complimentary services and resources such as community feedings and Holiday events, creating programs in which SDFP neighbors participate as volunteers, with the goal of building skill set, increasing opportunities and facilitating their transition to leadership roles within the organization.  Thus creating an increase of stakeholders who are directly affected by the work and services they will provide.


DPG is now seeking to take on a new community & educational initiative. According to Vera Institute of Justice, "Zero tolerance does not make schools more orderly or safe, -in fact the opposite may be true. And policies that push students out of school can have life-long negative effects." Due to high dropout rates and low reading scores, paired with the zero-tolerance policies Texas has enforced, DPG has concentrated all its resources into equipping elementary students with the tools necessary to alleviate the school to prison pipeline.

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